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Sunday morning rehearsal at 9:30 am

BUMC Music
directed by Brian McKinney



BUMC Music: 

      We hope to enhance the worship experience through music. We strive to create a place and an opportunity for all who would like to "raise their voices in praise".

Chancel Choir:

      This choir provides music for weekly worship services throughout the year. Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings at 7:45pm. This group is open to all who would like to join.  This group participates in a Fall Retreat to prepare for the Christmas Cantata.

Festival Singers:

      These singers combine with the Chancel Choir to provide music at our annual Christmas Cantata. This group is open to all who would like to join.  This group begins with the Fall Retreat and ends with the Christmas Cantata.  Rehearsals are at 7:45pm during November and December. This is a great opportunity for those who can't do a year long commitment to Chancel Choir.

Handbell Choir:

      This group of ringers prepare music for various worship services throughout the year. Rehearsals are Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm. This group is limited to 11 ringers. Music reading is required.


About Our Church Organ

The Sanctuary Organ was built by the Bedient Pipe Organ Company in 1992. This 2-manual, 11-rank tracker pipe organ was installed when the new sanctuary at BUMC was completed in 1992. The organ beautifully fills the worship space of the 400 seat sanctuary.
This unique organ is a compilation of advances in organ building but is as close a representation of a 17th and 18th century European organ as you can get. Gene Bedient is one of only a few American organ builders who has studied 17th and 18th century European organ construction and applied those principles to the design of modern instruments.
The organ is entirely handmade, including the 668 individual pipes. The case is white oak, and other woods used in the instrument are sugar pine, mahogany, rosewood, ebony, western red cedar and poplar. It is a beautiful pipe organ with flawless craftsmanship.
The instrument is a "tracker" organ, an organ term synonymous with "mechanical action." It denotes a system of providing instantaneous air to the pipes. The "trackers" are small wooden linkages which are connected to the keys. When the organist depresses a key on the keyboard, a mechanical link inside the organ is pulled which then opens a valve system admitting air immediately to the corresponding pipe. This tracker system is extremely desirable because it gives the organist a rhythmic and melodic sensitivity in playing that is not possible with organs constructed by other methods.

Bedient Pipe Organ Company, Opus 35     1992

Swell                                      Great
Cornet II                                 Mixture III
Flute 2'                                   Octave 2'    
Spitzflute 4'                           Praestant 4'
Gedackt 8'                             Rohrflute 8'
II/I                                           I/Pedal
Subbass 16'                           II/Pedal

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