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(BUMC does not condone the creation of personal debt as a means to faithful giving. Please choose your method of giving with this in mind.)


Donations can be made by clicking on the "Donate From Your Checking/Savings Account, or Your Credit/Debit Card" button.


Cost to BUMC for bank/debit/credit:
One time registration fee = 50
Each Checking Acct donation  = 25¢
Most Credit/Debit Cards = 45¢ + 2.75% of donated amount.


You may also donate via the "Donate From Your PayPal" button.

Cost to BUMC for PayPal = 2.35% of donated amount.


For assistance, contact:
Grover Sherlin at 972-276-0019  or

Donate From Your Checking/Savings Account or Your Debit/Credit Card

Donate From Your Paypal Account

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