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     As Outside Communications, I send articles and pictures to “NeighborsGo”.  Sometimes the article will be published; regardless, it will be online.  If there is anything that you would like to have in “NeighborsGo”, please let me know.  Another thing that I do is post pictures to the church’s Facebook page of the various events.  Therefore, if you see me with the camera, smile, you may find your picture on Facebook or in the paper.
     My family joined BUMC in 1989.  Over the years I have served on several committees.  I was in charge of the first two pumpkin patches, taught Sunday School, and planned many events for the church.  My husband, Glen, sings in the choir.  Our children were active in the youth group in their younger days.  We have two daughters, Miranda and Gretchen, and one son, Jonathan.  They each have two children. 
     I work for an oil and gas consulting firm and have been with them for 33 years.  I am also a real estate broker.  I taught school for 7 years before going into real estate.  So I always wonder what I’m going to do when I grow up.
     The company that I work for allows us to go tutor for one of the Dallas elementary schools, so I tutor math once a week.  Glen is a substitute teacher for GISD.
                                                                                                           Thanks!   Rojean Lewis
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