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The BUMC Youth program strives to help young people learn about Jesus in a different way. We urge our students to incorporate Jesus into their daily lives and make him an integral part of their own identity.

We love mission work, reaching out to neighbors on a week-long trip each Summer as well as adding opportunities for shorter mission commitments throughout the year.

In addition to Middle School and High School Sunday school classes and church, youth gather on Sunday nights for our youth program - snack supper, lesson, worship.

In the Summer, in addition to our mission trip, we attend conference camps at Bridgeport Camp and Conference Center. There, we work on building new friendships, learning new songs, and trying out new activities. Along the way, we also develop a deeper relationship with Jesus.


If you want more information, please contact me, Kevin McGill, either by phone at (214) 522-6042 or by clicking the button below.

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