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2014 Working with Juntos Servimos

Pictoral journey through our mission trip.

This is where you will find a lot of our mission trip pictures and descriptions of what we are doing.  Check back here during our trip to see what we are doing each day.

Sunday, July 13


We had a goal of leaving by 7:30 this morning.  We pulled out of the parking lot at 8:07 with a group of 24 - 18 youth and 6 adults.  We took many breaks along our 560 mile journey - twice for gas, 3 different rest areas, and once for lunch.  With all that, we managed to arrive in Los Fresnos at 7:30.  We've made one emergency run into Brownsville for forgotten personal items and one stop at Lopez grocery store in Los Fresnos for missing taco seasoning.  I'll be going to Brownsville again today to replace some items that are sitting in my freezer at home.  Look for pictures to be posted tomorrow evening as we try to get everything set up.  Also, click here to check out the BUMCY instagram page (you can find a button for it on the main youth ministry page).   


Lunch: Sandwiches, Sunchips, lemonade, snack cakes

Dinner: Meat/Bean burritos, salad, lemonade

Monday, July 14


We started a little late today.  We didn't get to the work site until 9:40.  But once there, we did a good job of getting to work.  We were able to completely strip the shingles off of the dorm building (2000 sq ft).  We also were able to lay down the new felt paper so that we can begin shingling tomorrow morning.


After lunch, we had a much appreciated wind begin.  Larry says that it will be available each day around 3pm.


I went into Brownsville for the emergency rations (to replace the ones I left in my deep freezer at home).  


For the devotional tonight, we talked about what it means to "act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God."


Breakfast:Bacon,pancakes, milk/Tampico/coffee

Lunch: Sandwiches, chips, cookies, tea

Dinner: Spaghetti, salad, bread, 

Tuesday, July 15


We continued working in 2 groups - painters and roofers - today.  We met our goal of getting half of the roof done by the time we left today.  The painters are down to trim and those hard to reach places 15 ft in the air.  Wes and Austin worked on fixing the railing in front of the building that we are painting.  Earlier in the day, Keaton, Nick, Wes, and Larry went to Brownsville to load a truck, but the truck never showed up.


Bkfst: Sausage/biscuits, milk/Tampico/coffee

Lunch: Sandwiches, chips, cookies, tea

Dinner: Smoked brisket, potato salad, grillin' beans, tea.

We also got to eat dinner with Larry and Jesse.  We finished off 27 pounds of brisket!  Thanks to Chris for seasoning them up and tending to the serving duties.

Wednesday, July 16


We ran into a couple of problems today.  We were short on shingles and short on nails.  Larry went for shingles, but I didn't get word to him that we needed nails.  Wes and Austin were able to stop by to get nails, so we weren't slowed down too much.  The roof is almost done, and the painting that's left just needs some tall ladders.


We cut our day short because the temperature was going to hit 100 degrees (heat index of 110) later in the afternoon.  We came back to church  ate lunch and got ready for the beach.


Bkfst: French toast, Tampico/milk/coffee

Lunch: Hamburgers/hotdogs, chips, lemonade

Dinner: Sandwiches, water, cupcakes

Thursday, July 17


We were able to finish today before lunch!!!  In fact, we took 7 of our party to Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer to help paint the medallions for the Esperanza 5K (whose proceeds go directly to Juntos Servimos).  As an added treat, we stopped for raspas on the way back to church.


Bkfst: Breakfast burritos, Tampico/milk/coffee

Lunch: Grilled cheese sandwiches, chips, lemonade

Dinner: Baked chicken, green beans, corn, rolls, lemonade.

Friday, July 18

(Schlitterbahn, S. Padre Island)


We picked up Jesse and Nancita and went to the Schlitterbahn on S. Padre Island.  After spending the entire day there (9:30-5:00), we came home, got cleaned up, a couple of us went to pick up Little Caesar's pizza.  The water park was a great appetizer - the 26 of us finished off 11 pizzas.



Bkfst: Cereal, Tampico/milk/coffee

Lunch: at Schlitterbahn

Dinner: Pizza, Lemonade


We will stop for lunch tomorrow in Selma at Wendy's.  Hopefully, arriving home around 7:30pm.





Saturday, July 19



Long drive home... 


Brkfst: Pastries, Tampico/milk/coffee

Lunch: Wendy's

Dinner: in your own home

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