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BUMCY Mission Trip 2017

Juntos Servimos in Los Fresnos, TX

Sunday, June 18 - Friday, June 23

Basic Information


We will be travelling to far South Texas (just past South Padre Island) to San Benito, TX.  We are working with the organization Juntos Servimos.  We are moving the contents of one warehouse in Brownsville to another location.  We are asking youth to pay $100 each to help cover the costs of this trip.  The $100 will cover everything except snacks/souvenirs on the trip.  No one will be turned away from the trip because the $100 causes a financial hardship.


This trip will be a 10-12 hour drive.  We will be leaving at 8am on Sunday, and we will return on Friday night.  Due to my hectic schedule, we will NOT get to have a packing party on Saturday night.  That means that we have to be extra organized to get everything done on Sunday morning (paperwork, final payments, and packing the trailer) so that we can get away by 8am.  


We will be staying at FUMC San Benito.  We will be sleeping on the floor, but they have a couple of showers and a fully equipped kitchen.  Participants are welcome to bring air mattresses to sleep on if the floor doesn't seem like a fun idea.  Please print out a copy of the packing list from the link above and also fill out the medical release form.  We are not going into Mexico, so no one will need a passport for this trip.

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