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BUMCY Mission Trip 2012

Hunting Horse UMC, Lawton, OK

Friday, June 8

Day begins at BUMC at 8am

Actual departure time: 9:30am

Arrival time: 2:30pm

  Lunch: Sandwiches (PB&J, Turkey, or Ham), Goldfish Cookies, Lemonade

 Dinner: Chicken & Dumplings/Pulled Pork, lots of sides, tea

We stopped at a rest area 50 miles into Oklahoma for lunch.  We continued our journey, and we finally found the camp.  We set up our tents in a beautiful wooded area.  We finished in time to head over to the Hunting HOrse lodge to help get dinner ready.  There was food prep, dining area setup, and cleaning that we helped with around each of the meals we had in our home lodge.  We ate last because we were considered family.  AFter dinner we attended worship with the rest of the Oklahoma Indian Annual Conference Participants.

Saturday, June 9

Breakfast: Fried pork products, cereal, scrambled eggs, Tampico


Dinner: Indian tacos, potato salad

Kiernan, Marisa, and Ali stayed at the camp to help with all the children during the general sessions.  Unfortunately, Ali got a sore throat that afternoon, but Kiernan and Marisa were there to help tend to her.  In Lawton, Martin met us at the Parsonage with the carpet and vinyl that his boss had donated to us - carpet for 3 bedrooms, a hallway, and living room, and vinyl for the kitchen and dining areas.  We looked over the entire parsonage and church area, and then began the tedious work of taping the fellowship hall are while Martin and I went for the rest of the building supplies that we would need.  Martin began prepping for the installation of the carpet and linoleum.  We returned to Anadarko in time to help get dinner ready and check on Ali.  This evening, worship consisted of 13 different children's and youth choirs singing hymns in different Native American languages.  My peaceful sleep was interrupted at 12:30am when Marisa woke me to inform me that Kiernan had just thrown up.  Kiernan finished the night sleeping in the McGill van.  By the next morning, both she and Ali felt fine. 

Sunday, June 10

Breakfast: Fried pork products, pancakes, cereal

Lunch: Turnkey/ham/chicken & dumplings, homemade mac & cheese, salad

Dinner: McDonald's

After breakfast, we sent the youth to Sunday school classes while the adults broke down our camp and tents.  After Sunday school, we attended closing worship, then helped get lunch ready in the Hunting Horse lodge.  After lunch, we helped pack everything from our lodge to take back to Lawton.  Martin's work truck was great!  We were able to transport 2 refrigerators, 2 stoves, 4 round tables, 2 rectangular tables, and about 60 folding chairs.  We made it to Lawton with no problems and said goodbye to Nicko, Mike, and Martin.  Chris and I went to Walmart for groceries (getting brisket for $1/pound).  We drove the 15 miles to get to LETRA (bonus points if you know what the acronym means without the aid of Google) for the evening.  The kids were all interested by the fact that Fort Sill is a regular little city.  By the time we got back from fishing and swimming, it was after 8pm.  Since it was so late, we went to the land of Ronald McDonald for dinner.

Monday, June 11

Breakfast: Bacon, french toast, Sunny D, milk, coffee

Lunch: Jessica's grilled cheese, chips, lemonade

Dinner: Hamburgers & hotdogs, chips, potato salad, lemonade

Our first real day of work!  Martin made it back up, riding with Tony and Alec.  We painted the outside of the parsonage and the faux shutters in the morning, primed the mustard yellow walls in the fellowship hall in the afternoon, all while Martin laid the vinyl and carpet in the parsonage.  Another trip to Sam's and Walmart (this time with Martin) to buy more groceries.  I am really glad to not have to deal with withdrawal from my Walmart/Sam's addiction.  After our delicious meal (Chris, the hotdogs were great!), we settled into the sanctuary to watch a movie - One For the Money.  50% chance of rain through Wednesday afternoon, keep your fingers crossed!  Chris's super hones senses found a grass fire 2 blocks away from us. Fortunately, it was on the opposite side of the railroad tracks from us and the fire department arrived as we were walking to see where the smoke was coming from.  I made the marinade for the smoked brisket and let the brisket settle in for a pleasant night's sleep.

Tuesday, June 12

Breakfast: Bacon, pancakes, Sunny D, milk, coffee

Lunch: Cheese quesadillas +, chips & salsa, tea

Dinner: Smoked brisket, rolls, salad, tea

Sunrise was beautiful, but by the end of breakfast, we were completely overcast.  The adults spent the morning replacing a 4 1/2' x 8' section of roofing between the parsonage and carport.  I got the smoker fired up (well, at least smoking hot).  I was also able to unclog a toilet (when you run out of toilet paper, it is NOT okay to use paper towels).  After lunch, the group painted the fellowship hall and primed the bathrooms.  Shopping with Joan at Walmart and Sam's again today.  Hopefully, we have everything we need to finish out our trip now.

+ we were able to use the bean/beef mixture we ate with Indian tacos to utilize our tortillas to their fullest extent.

Wednesday, June 13

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and biscuits, Sunny D, milk, and coffee

Lunch: Chicken nuggets/mac & cheese, cookies, lemonade

Dinner: Spaghetti, Italian bread, salad, lemonade

We painted the bathrooms in the morning.  We also discovered that it is really no fun to scrape up the mess we made with paint in the fellowship hall.  Those who didn't fit in the bathrooms went back to the parsonage to do a little touch up work there.  After lunch, we began to get things packed up for the trip home.  We also finished cleaning the fellowship hall, and started gathering our things together from the Sanctuary where we have been sleeping.  After dinner, Chris built us a nice fire in the bottom of the smoker, and we had s'mores!

Thursday, June 14

Breakfast: Cereal, Sunny D, milk, and coffee

Lunch: Sandwiches, chips, and lemonade

Dinner: Wendy's in Denton

After breakfast, we loaded up and headed to the Comanche National Museum and Cultural Center.  It was interesting, but small.  If we had it to do over again, we would have gone to the Museum of the Great Plains instead.  Our group would not have survived more than one museum in a day.  After the museum, we loaded up the vans and headed to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.  Driving through the oldest managed wildlife preserve in the U.S., we saw a few buffalo on our way to Mt. Scott.  It rises 2,500 ft. above the refuge and offers fantastic views for miles and miles.  The girls looked around on the observation deck, took some pictures, then went out of the cold back into the van.  The boys were not excited until they found out that they could climb around the rocks.  They looked like a wild bunch of mountain goats.  We headed back to the church for lunch and to get ready to head back to LETRA for fishing, swimming, sunning, and paddle boating.  (Note: if you want to try out paddle boats, don't do it when you have a 20 mph wind blowing you away from the dock)  We had a couple of boats that had trouble getting back to the dock.  Once the kids had finished getting sunburned (yes, I did tell them to put on sunscreen before we left for the lake), we went back to the church to get cleaned up and packed up and on the road.  We wanted to eat at Wendy's, but we didn't find one until we got all the way to Denton.  After ordering to go, we headed back to Garland, arriving at the church at 10:25 pm. 

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