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Born and raised in Colorado, I moved to La Grange, Texas with my parents and younger sister in the summer before my 8th grade year in school.  After my dad decided the ministry was where he needed to be, we moved to the San Marcos area (Dad's first official appointment in Staples).  I was able to graduate from San Marcos High School before my dad was moved to Monthalia UMC near Gonzales.  After graduation, I attended Southern Methodist University and at the beginning of my 2nd year there, met and immediately fell head-over-heels in love with my current wife, Lori.  Kevin Lee was born while we were both still students at SMU.

Lori and I joined BUMC in November of 1989.  We lived in an apartment complex located near LBJ and Northwest Highway with our son Kevin Lee.  Lori found the church on the way to her first (and only) teaching assignment - Austin Academy.  Those of you who know Garland may be wondering how she was getting to work, because BUMC is nowhere near on the way to Austin Academy.  Lori began teaching at Austin when they were temporarily closed for asbestos removal, so she and the rest of the staff and student body were attending the brand new Naaman Forest High School.  It was a tiny church that looked more like a medical office than a church.

We spent the next 5 years accepting more and more responsibilities at the church.  Eventually, I talked with the youth minister, Charles Harrison, about volunteering to help with the youth group.  Another year later, and Charles took a youth job in Greenville, TX, and I became the lead volunteer -  just coordinating weekly events.  In May of 1996 (the same year that our daughter Kiernan was born), I resigned as Chair of the Staff-Parish Relations Committee to accept the part-time youth minister position.  Our youth ministry team consisted of people who had full time jobs at Goody Goody Liquor, Eckerd Drugs, and Electrospace Systems (aka E-Systems, aka Raytheon).  Our combined staff knew all there was to know about booze, drugs, and weapons.

Later, I left the liquor company to join a computer company (an offspring of the liquor store), then in 2000, I entered the teaching field as a 6th grade math teacher at Sellers Middle School.  Our 3rd child, Keaton, provided the impetus for leaving the computer job to get into teaching.  In the 2001-2002 school year, I had the opportunity to coach the 8th grade boys' basketball team, and the following year was offered a freshman coaching position at Naaman Forest High School (see how it all comes back around?).  

Another little known fact of my life is that I moved to Naaman Forest the same year that Sachse High opened its doors.  Why is that important, one might ask.  It means that there were no openings at Naaman Forest for a math teacher, so I became an Economics teacher (the only opening available).  2 years of teaching Economics and I got to get into Naaman's math department where I have been ever since.  

I still coach freshman basketball, and I'm still married to the same wonderful woman I met at SMU.  We have owned 2 homes in Garland (both purchased from members of BUMC).  I have worked at the same junior high summer camp since 1994, the same senior high camp since 1996, and even spent 3 years at children's camp when Keaton was there.

There is more of my life that I haven't written here, and I hope, there is much more to come.  I love BUMC and all of the opportunities to witness to and be a part of the lives of the youth here for all these years.

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